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Pastor Carter Conlon

New York, USA
Pastor Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of TimesSquare Church. Pastor Carter has a shepherd's heart and a great love for Ireland. He is a tender and compassionate man, who is loved and well respected for his strong leadership and passion for God. Pastor Carter ministers regularly to nearly 2000 Pastors and Leaders worldwide through a ministry that he started called 'For Pastors Only'

Pastor Gary Wilkerson

Colorado, USA
Gary is the Founding Pastor of Springs Church since 2009, they have seen God’s hand and faithfulness through the growth and life of this church. Gary also serves as the President of World Challenge, an international mission organization that was founded by his father, David Wilkerson. He has traveled nationally and internationally at conferences and conducted mission ventures such as starting orphanages, clinics and feeding programs among the poorest of the poor and the most unreached people of the earth.

Pastor Teresa Conlon

New York, USA
Teresa Conlon is an Associate Pastor at Times Square Church. She delivers messages of truth and freedom that cut to the heart of even the deepest issues. Teresa is also president of Summit International School of Ministry (formerly Mt. Zion School of Ministry) located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Pastor Jay Fallon

Wales, UK
Following a radical encounter with Jesus Christ, Jay broke free from an addictive lifestyle to serve God. For over 20 yrs he has been in full time ministry, travelling as an evangelist, working with long term drug addicts and alcoholics. He currently serves as one of the Directors of Teen Challenge UK, and is also part of local Church Leadership.

Bill Vanderbush

Florida, USA

Bill has been a Pastor for 25 years. After spending 12 years in Austin, TX, he had a supernatural encounter that drew him into an incredible adventure of being shaped and fashioned by the power and grace of God. He currently travels full time speaking in conferences and churches around the world. Bill works with New York Times Bestselling Author, Ted Dekker. Bill and Ted co-authored a book and study course called “The Forgotten Way of Yeshua. The Path to Power and Peace in This Life”. Bill’s consuming passion is to empower people to do the greater works that Jesus spoke of and live out the mystery of our union with Christ. Their ministry invites people into a spontaneous, Holy Spirit-led, team ministry training experience that will forever transform the way you see and do life. You will be empowered to invade the impossible. Bill and his wife Traci currently live in Celebration, Florida. They have two grown children, Britain and Sara, who also live in Orlando.




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