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Pastor Carter Conlon

New York, USA
Pastor Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church. Pastor Carter has a shepherd's heart and a great love for Ireland. He is a tender and compassionate man, who is loved and well respected for his strong leadership and passion for God. Pastor Carter ministers regularly to nearly 2000 Pastors and Leaders worldwide through a ministry that he started called 'For Pastors Only'

Pastor Teresa Conlon

New York, USA
Teresa Conlon is an Associate Pastor at Times Square Church. She delivers messages of truth and freedom that cut to the heart of even the deepest issues. Teresa is also president of Summit International School of Ministry (formerly Mt. Zion School of Ministry) located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Dr Lamar Vest

Dr Lamar Vest began his ministry as a Pastor in South
Carolina. He has served the Lord in many different capacities; from General Overseer of the 'Church of God'
to President of 'Lee University', as well as chairman of
'The American Bible Society'. His life is dedicated to the
work of God and he ministers with a conviction forged
over many years of serving the Lord.

Pastor Jay Fallon

Wales, UK
Pastor Jay Fallon, is a remarkable Evangelist and passionate preacher. He is the Executive Director of Teen Challenge UK and is reaching thousands of addicts with the power of the gospel.




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