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The first Summer Fire Conference took place in June, 1995. From its humble beginnings in Donegal, till the present day, Christians from all over the country have experienced a deep sense of God's presence in the midst of the meetings.

The Conference was born through prayer. On the 15th of December 1994, after days of intercession, the Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Michael McBride these simple words: "Get up and go." It was crystal clear that the Lord had spoken and so conference began the following year, under the name "Summer Fire." It was a time of new beginnings. 

Pastor Mike stepped out in faith and ventured to Donegal Town where he booked and paid the deposit on houses that would accomodate around 130 people. The first two conferences were held in Donegal Town. Many young people attended the conferences and helped with the organising and worship. Local believers attended the meetings and were blessed, as the sense of God 's presence was overwhelming. Everywhere people were bowing down before God's Majesty! 

From the start, Pastor Mike had phoned and discussed the Conference with Nick Cassidy, the Pastor of Donnybrook Church in Cork, who was a great friend and supporter of the conference. Pastor Nick eventualy took over the organising of the conference, and the Irish church has only seen this work of God grow throughout the years, now accomodating well over a thousand born-again believers for the week long event!

By way of balanced, Christ centered teaching, and Spirit empowered worship, the Lord has used Summer Fire Conference for 17 years to bring Christians wonderful times of joy and refreshment in the Lord. Lives of both young and old have been changed forever! We trust that as we move forward, God will continue to bless this conference as we come honestly and humbly before Him, to hear His word in season. 

May God Bless you as he continues to make History at Summer Fire Conference!




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